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Playing Space invaders with an FX-880P

A friend of retro computers writes me from Venezuela and sends me 2 games for [...]

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Programs for our FX-880P/850P

Today a friend wrote to me from Argentina to send me 2 programs for our [...]

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We continue to expand the store with Casio, HP, Sharp and TI

Slowly we increase the items for sale, which started with an interface cable and 2 [...]

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New section Store

I have added the new section of Store, now you can buy that Casio calculator [...]

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Failures in the calculator when changing batteries.

I got an email of someone whoes calculator Casio 880 is having troubles after changing [...]


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Manual introduction of a program onto the Casio.

Introducing a program manually is simple, but also hard depending of the program’s size. As a [...]

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Status test for Casio calculators FX-880p and FX-850p.

In our lovely calculators are some programs from the library not documented in the manual [...]


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Birth of the web.

I have created this web about Casio calculators, because whenever there is less information in [...]

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