Playing Space invaders with an FX-880P

A friend of retro computers writes me from Venezuela and sends me 2 games for the FX-880P/850P, Alphabet and Langoliers (Both games are in Spanish)

So far there is nothing particularly surprising, the funny thing is that one of the games (Langoliers) is about killing Martians, playing this type of game with my FX-880P is the last thing I would have imagined. The Alphabetical game consists of ordering the alphabet fighting against the timer to beat yourself.

But what is even more surprising is that the games have been made by his son Manuelito López at 7 and 8 years old, now the kid is 11 years old and already programs with LOGO, BASIC, HTML/CSS/JAVA and Game Maker? ? ?

You have the games in the section programs and on top of that, it leaves us with 2 versions of each one, the full version and the compact version.

Some screenshots of the game that has left me surprised

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