Playing Space invaders with an FX-880P

A friend of retro computers writes me from Venezuela and sends me 2 games for the FX-880P/850P, Alphabet and Langoliers (Both games are in Spanish) So far there is nothing particularly surprising, the funny thing is that one of the games (Langoliers) is about killing Martians, playing this type of game with my FX-880P is […]

We continue to expand the store with Casio, HP, Sharp and TI

Slowly we increase the items for sale, which started with an interface cable and 2 Casio models, now there are quite a few Casio models besides HP, Sharp and TI. The most interesting items I am selling are, PB-2000C calculators and accessories such as Basic OM-53B, Prolog OM-51P and soon I will have several units […]

Manual introduction of a program onto the Casio.

Introducing a program manually is simple, but also hard depending of the program’s size. As a simple example, we will introduce this program: MODULO Calcula el módulo de un vector. 10 PRINT”COORDENADA X”:INPUT A 20 PRINT”COORDENADA Y”:INPUT B 30 PRINT”COORDENADA Z”:INPUT C 40 PRINT”EL MODULO ES” 50 PRINT(A^2+B^2+C^2)^0.5 60 PRINT”OTRO MODULO 1/0″:INPUT D:IF D=1 THEN 10 […]

Status test for Casio calculators FX-880p and FX-850p.

In our lovely calculators are some programs from the library not documented in the manual and not in the paper enclosure in the list of programs that comes with the calculator. Some of these hidden programs, are: 0400 ->Testing program of the calculator. 0800 ->Program for the printer. 0900 -> Converter of PB100 to FX-850P. To […]